You’re Never Too Small to Work with a Marketing Agency

You’re Never Too Small to Work with a Marketing Agency - Peace & Harmony Lemonade Stand photo.
In any business or nonprofit there are only two departments that create revenue, MARKETING and SALES/DEVELOPMENT. All other activities contribute only to expenses. A recent survey showed that 87% of executives believe marketing & sales/development are the most pivotal in terms of accelerating growth for a company.

Peace & Harmony Solutions, Inc. not only provides business consulting from a marketing/strategic business perspective; we also help business owners and nonprofits via “Marketing Coaching.” This type of coaching helps business owners identify the dangers they face through our unique strategic planning process. In addition, through scheduled coaching sessions, we’ll empower you with tactical strategies, awareness, education and accountability required to achieve the results you’re looking for in your business.

So, what is Marketing Coaching?

Marketing coaching is simply: Your mentors. Your counselors. Your personal board of directors.

Our goal is to personally connect with all companies, nonprofits and entrepreneurs no matter how large or small the budget. Our coaching techniques enable us to embrace clients who have minimal marketing budgets but strong business aptitude. Instead of only providing services that meet their budget, which more often than not would not help them achieve their desired goal; we also offer coaching to empower our clients personally so they can impact their sustainability, increase growth potential and enhance brand awareness for their business.

Our coaching arrangements accommodate clients that have numerous expectations and marketing needs but a very finite budget. We can assess the tasks and assume roles that can only be handled by marketing, strategic business and print professionals. In addition, we can coach the business owner through tasks that can be managed by the business owner and/or staff.

More often than not, business owners will find that teaming with their internal staff to manage some of the tasks will reveal underlined skills of their employees. A great example is that you may need regular social media updates for vehicles like Facebook or Twitter created for your business. In expressing this to your staff you may find someone who is social media savvy that can generate the updates for your business.

Furthermore, we advise on certain aspects of your marketing/business plan and manage others.  For instance, we can create an email template for you, help you craft the message and then you can be responsible for distributing the email blast.  In addition, through the coaching process and based upon your budget we help you determine the following:

What portion of the process you will own

What portion of the process we will own

What portion of the process we will collaborate on jointly

Our coaching empowers our clients personally so they can impact their sustainability, increase growth potential and enhance brand awareness for their business. We are compensated for the value we deliver to our clients both from a project and coaching perspective. We provide business owners with TACTICAL STRATEGIES, AWARENESS, EDUCATION and ACCOUNTABILITY through scheduled coaching sessions to help them implement proven marketing and business strategies.

Below we describe our Marketing Coaching Services and how your business can benefit from our coaching sessions.

What does this mean for you?

The coaching process includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Education & Accountability
  • Develop a Communications Calendar
  • Lead Generation
  • Brand Awareness
  • Action Items
  • Track Results: Successes, Milestones and Benchmarks
  • Talent
  • Next Steps
  • Growth & Sustainability

Be creative – work together with neighboring business

Consider combining your dollars if you are financially challenged by limited resources.  Often strip malls and neighboring businesses can work together to develop awareness campaigns, which they all contribute to equally.

Let us help you get the best out of your marketing dollars.

We have an online system in place to provide you with something as simple as business cards or as elaborate as the development of an integrated marketing campaign. Contact us today so we can help you maneuver effectively through the upcoming holiday season. Our communications campaigns will assist with attracting your target audience or helping you set your sites on a new target audience.

Consider one-time coaching or yearly coaching. Let Peace & Harmony Solutions, Inc. guide you on developing a plan. Email us today at for your free consultation to see if our marketing coaching technique is right for your business.