Effective SEO campaigns are built on content marketing. Press releases can be used as content for an SEO campaign, and they can include numerous mentions of the brand, products, services and anything else that the company wants to promote.


In bygone days, a press release was mailed, faxed or emailed to people in the news media for the purpose of announcing a newsworthy item. Members of the news media decided whether or not they would run with the story. Not every press release made news.

Now, we have online press release services. Some charge a sizable fee to publish the release and distribute it to a network of news sites. Others publish the release on their site for little or no charge. Posting a press release on a free or low cost site is a cost-effective way to add diversity to an SEO campaign.

Websites that post articles and guest blogs typically don’t allow much self-promotion. Press releases are all about self-promotion and branding. And, it’s really OK to brag!