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Peace and Harmony Solutions, Inc. applauds CASA of Cook County, as the organization celebrates 25 years of stepping out against child abuse. Marla L. Blanton, and myself, Gwen Griffin-Harmon of Peace & Harmony Solutions have supported CASA as individuals and now as a company. We continue to support the organization any way we can because we strongly believe in their mission. If you are looking for a cause to embrace take a moment to review CASA of Cook County’s mission, to make sure every child in the foster care system finds a safe and permanent caring home.

CASA’s overworked, under funded, organization typically responds to the request of the residing judge that’s over a DCFS (Department of Child and Family Service’s) case before him/her. CASA provides children within the DCFS court system a Court Appointed Special Advocate to help the child. The volunteer advocate is assign to assist the child, to ascertain special needs, help the child understand what is about to take place and provide a voice that reflects the best interest of that child.

The CASA advocate is a staple in the child’s life. Unlike their DCFS counterparts who come and go, the CASA Advocate is permanently assigned the case until that child actually receives a permanent safe placement. CASA Advocates have regular visits with their assigned child in and out of the home. The volunteer advocates go through about 40 hours of training to prepare them to handle a case. They are then shadowed by a senior advocate and advisor to help them manage the case. Finally, with the child present,  the advocate and child provide feedback to the residing judge. Many of these cases go on for years, but the Volunteer CASA Advocate is permanent and consistent in the child’s life, earning them the endearing term “My CASA,” which is how many of the children refer to their CASA.

As you can imagine this nonprofit like most nonprofit organizations struggles financially, wrestles with lack of visibility and never seems to have enough talent on hand to support the numbers of children that they would like to serve.

We urge you to support CASA and if not CASA, support your community or any neighboring community organization that can use your hand, your expertise or financial support.

There are many ways you can help. Here are four ways you can take action:


Only a few months away form CASA’s Silver Lining Celebration on Thursday, October 13, 2011 CASA is looking to have its largest event and fundraiser year in its history.

Join CASA’s Silver Lining program highlighting accomplishments over the past 25 years and a lovely seated dinner at the Arts Club of Chicago.  Advanced tickets are $175 and sponsorship opportunities are still available.  For more information on how to purchase tickets or to sponsor the event, please call Yvette Johnson-Hardwick at 312-433-4926.

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For more information take a look at the June 2011 edition of “SPEAK UP,” A Newsletter from Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Cook County.



In addition to the Silver Lining Celebration, CASA of Cook County is also excited to announce that they are close to reaching their goal of $25,000 in the first year of a two year challenge grant from an anonymous donor!

When you donate now to CASA of Cook County at, a contribution of equal value comes from the challenge grant to effectively double the impact of your gift! Your gift gives a child a voice and can reach the more than 4,600 children in foster care who still need an advocate!

Thank you for helping CASA today and visit them at to make a donation.


Be a volunteer by sharing your professional expertise or become a volunteer by going through the CASA Advocate training. For more information, please contact CASA of Cook County | 1100 S Hamilton Ave / Suite 8-W | (312) 433-4928.


CASA can use the visibility so please share this link on your  Facebook page.


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