SEO and Social Media is not an event but a process —
SEO is a collection of methods that help search engines find your website more often. Like a game the goal is to get a high ranking, to appear the highest on the search engines’ list. Your business, organization, etc. gain more visibility the higher you appear on the search engines’ list. Think about it, how often do you search pass the first page when you’re doing a Google search. Base on your own personal experience you know it’s less likely that people search past the first page.

SEO is not an event but a process. Your business goal as it pertains to SEO attractiveness is always evolving. Peace & Harmony Solutions, Inc. understands what the search engines require for optimum results. We pair the search engine’s requirement with your goal to position your business to get the best results.

Social media has a profound impact on search engines. We teach you to have a social media presence. Facebook and the impact of other social media outlets are largely misunderstood by many businesses. Understandably so, the name social by nature is misleading in business. However, developing a social media foundation can be one of the most beneficial methods to remain relevant and engage with your business’ current audience while attracting new customers.

Imagine that you are in the business of selling digital products. Through your website, social media and your store you create an experience, an environment where you become a part of a conversation. Imagine that conversation being initiated by your customers. Rules of engaging customers have changed. Businesses don’t get to tell customers what they want anymore. Meeting customers on their terms is the norm. Their terms can be in your store or online. Your customers get to tell you what they want, but most importantly customers get to tell you why they want certain items. Barry Judge CMO of Best Buy coined the phrase dream support team to best describe how Best Buy fulfills the needs of their customers.

Businesses that are looking for a more effective method of engaging customers can follow Best Buy’s example. Become the dream support for your customers, engage them, fulfill dreams, respond to questions, and consumer requests.

— Peace & Harmony Solution, Inc. helps effective engagement with your customers so you can began to fulfill dreams and solve problems for your customer.