I love this article. When it comes to referrals, the phrase I like the most is “Don’t Keep Me a Secret.” Please remember that the next time you want to ask your client for a referral.

I found this article on Manta. Follow the link to read the full article. Enjoy!

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By Annette Bau

Be More Proactive

Getting referrals without asking for them doesn’t mean you aren’t proactive in your quest for referrals. It simply means you don’t ask directly for referrals. Many advisors just can’t get past their fear or mistaken assumptions with regard to asking for referrals. So, just short of asking for referrals is “Promoting Referrals.” One of the best ways Bill teaches to promote referrals with clients is the line, “Don’t Keep Me a Secret.” Whenever a client expresses recognition of your value, you can say, “I’m glad you see the value of the work that I do. Please don’t keep me a secret.” Bill teaches many other easy, low-key ways to promote referrals but this is my favorite.


Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Annette_Bau