Solopreneurs & Independent Contractors

Sometimes company and personal branding overlap, as seen in the situation with Cargle Profit Enhancement.


Business and Personal Branding

1). Branded cover art and template for future proposal work. 2). Branded cover art for the customer’s “Value Analysis & Value Engineering Process.”
LinkedIn Profile Reflecting Cargle's Business/Personal-Profile and Branding
Cargle Profit Enhancement Business Card with new bold red and black branded artwork.

Above and below are a collection of marketing components:  proposal template, book cover, info graphics, business cards, bio, LinkedIn profile enhancement, and PowerPoint presentation template.

Snapshot of Branded PPT Presentation for Frank Cargle

Like Cargle Profit Enhancement, Mayes Bridging Strategies is another example of solopreneur branding.

Example of Client Marketing & Sales Plan, Letterhead, and business card, created with new branded elements.
Client Work Product: Three-page service overview for "360-Degree Mindful Leadership" and brand standards document.
Example of website design for a startup