Recently, Google made improvements to its extension capabilities and the ease with which extensions can be managed in the Adwords dashboard.

Call Extensions allow you to display your phone number in your ad. Smartphone users can click to call from their mobile devices. Sitelink Extensions link directly from the ad to specific pages on your website, saving customers from having to click around to find the page they want. Location Extensions allow you to include your business address, phone number and a link to a map reference in your ad. App Extensions provide a link to an app, making it easy for searchers to automatically download the app. With Offer Extensions, you can attach an offer to your ad. A click on the view offer button goes to a Google hosted landing page where the customer can print or save the offer.

With so many PPC options and opportunities, some businesses have figured out ways to be extremely creative on a limited budget. For example, a well known company bid on misspellings of commonly searched terms—Read this article to find out what happened and maybe you’ll be inspired to get creative with PPC.