A strong brand mark (your logo) should be recognizable and appropriate for your audience. Avoid cliches and keep it simple with solid colors, a tagline, and proper imagery and positioning.

 A Good Brand Typically Has A Few Key Elements


1. Clear and Consistent Messaging:

A brand should have a clear message that communicates what it stands for and what it offers. This message should be consistent across all channels, from advertising to social media. 

“Your brand is the face of your company—what you show to potential customers. It not only shapes their first impression of your company and product, but it can also entice them to come back for more business.” 

Establishing and Maintaining Brand Consistency


2. Memorable Visuals:

A strong brand should have an easily recognizable and memorable visual identity. Visuals encompass the vector-drawn logo, color scheme, typography, and other design elements. Companies like Deloitte use an element we call an identifier for emphasis. It’s a green dot used as an accent to highlight.


3. Authenticity:

Consumers are increasingly drawn to authentic and transparent brands. A genuine brand is honest about the company’s values, goals, and practices. 

“Global media brand Disney is the most authentic brand in the world, according to a report from communications company Cohn & Wolfe.” 

The PR firm’s report found that globally, four out of five consumers believe that brands are not “open and honest” regarding reliability, respectfulness, and reality, leading to high levels of consumer cynicism. 

Business Insider: RANKED: The world’s top 20 most authentic brands, Will Heilpern, Apr 12, 2016


4. Emotional Connection:

A good brand should be able to connect with consumers on an emotional level. Achieve expressiveness through storytelling, humor, or other sentiments or simply by creating a sense of community around the brand. 

How many of you have heard of Swifties or Beyhives, referring to the enormous fan base enamored with the Taylor Swift and Beyonce Knolls Carter brand? 


5. Innovation:

A brand constantly innovating and staying ahead of trends is likelier to survive. Below is a short list of companies that come to mind when you think of innovation.

A snapshot of a list of innovative World brands and their logos.

Brands like Apple and Starbucks easily fall among our daily lexicon, as an estimated 10 million people drink Starbucks coffee. Apple’s popularity continues to grow as they reach 1.5 billion iPhone users. Their innovation flourishes as they design apps to solve consumer and business problems.