Chicago Ideas Week is about the sharing of ideas, inspiring action, and igniting change to positively impact our world.

Peace & Harmony Solutions, Inc. will be attending Chicago Ideas Week

For one week each October, Chicago Ideas Week (CIW) brings together some of the world’s most outstanding speakers to present their ideas and ignite the innovations of tomorrow at 80+ sessions across the City of Chicago. Chicago Ideas Week is an asset that belongs uniquely to Chicago, and reflects our great city in its inclusiveness, diversity and excellence of intellectual discourse. It is about the sharing of ideas, sparking action and inspiring change to positively impact our world.

People who come to CIW are artists, engineers, technologists, inventors, scientists, musicians, economists, explorers—and, well…just innately passionate. It is a platform that continues to be shaped by the people, organizations and institutions that care about the future of Chicago as well as communities around the globe. CIW is an excellent platform to generate ideas. No matter what your interest; technology, education, green initiatives, bio-technology and more; this week long event will engage you. And the networking opportunities are endless!

Peace & Harmony Solutions cast the spot light on two powerful presenters for Chicago Ideas Week

We know many fantastic entrepreneurs and two of them will be presenting during Chicago Ideas Week, Sheila Moss-Brown and Dr. Joseph F. West. Join Brown and West as they speak on Manifesting Ideas. Hear them share their stories, triumphs, challenges and lessons. Shelia Brown is the founder of the board game Authenticity. Dr. West is an Epidemiologist, Playwright and author of the book Trod the Stony Road.

Destiny Speakers Bureau and International House Global Voices Program are presenting Manifesting Ideas, which will be held on Thursday, Oct. 11th at The University of Chicago Assembly Hall.

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Chicago Ideas Week beginsMonday, October 8, 2012 – Sunday, October 14, 2012

Peace & Harmony Solutions will be attending.
We look forward to seeing you there.