No matter what business or industry that you may be in, sometimes you need a nudge or a jolt to put things in perspective. Maybe my thoughts below will make you think about tackling tough issues and just as I did; perhaps, you too will be able to put your personal and business challenges in perspective.

After a morning of self reflection, yoga and TM (Transcendental Meditation), an interview with Alvin Law on the ION TV Network’s Positive Living show caught my interest. ―The necessary twist required to put a positive spin on a rather somber morning.

We all at some point in time indulge ourselves with a little self pity. I think we are entitled but staying in that place too long hinders growth, the ability to learn from situations and it stiffens forward mobility.

This morning as I was going through my ritual to save myself from indulging in my own pity party Alvin Law shares his story of how as a young boy he always wanted to play baseball. This special day he connected with some neighborhood kids who decided to go to the park to join the local baseball league―characteristic of most boys and perhaps some girls during preadolescences. While his peers went through whatever the typical sign up process was at the time. At that moment the thought occurred to Law that this was not a good activity for him. You see, Alvin was a fast runner, he had overcome many things at his young age but he was born with no arms. Although, he had ran all the way to the park with the other boys it didn’t dawn on him until he had arrived at the park that his handicap would prevent him from playing the game. Alvin did not let that stop him. He began to run around the bases. He visualized himself in the game as he ran as fast as he could around the bases and finally as he passed third and approached home plate he took a plunge and through himself, quickly and with procession, he slid into home plate (SAFE).

The coach applauded and greeted the boy with a team shirt. “How would you like a team shirt?” Of course Alvin really wanted the shirt but deep inside would much rather play baseball. The next words out of the coach’s mouth made a lifelong impression on this little boy. He indicated that he would get a shirt/uniform just like the rest of the boys if he agreed to join the team and come to practice every day.

Alvin holds dear to his heart a team photo from that summer. With it are cherished memories of being on a baseball team. Most importantly he won’t forget his coach for the opportunity and the kindness showed by the coach and his team. No he never hit the winning run, but he played baseball with his peers and has a picture and memories to prove it.

Alvin Law went onto do with his feet and legs what most people have trouble doing with their hands. Alvin is a motivational speaker and former radio broadcaster who touch the hearts of many.

Alvin has cleverly used his name ALVIN as an acronym to reflect Alvin’s Laws of Life:

A ― Attitude is more than just being positive…it’s a way of looking at life, ours and everybody’s.

It is said to be Everything because it is Everything. It defines who we are and what we become!

L ― Learning is the greatest gift we give ourselves . . .

. . . we just have to listen for the answer. To listen is to learn and to learn is to grow.

V ― Value your life and spirit. Too many people live another “V”, that of Victim . . .

Everyone has value…finding it, that’s the trick.

I ― Imagination is the key that unlocks the power of potential.

It is not owned by the young but they are best at using it. It defines the difference between Obstacles and Possibilities! Imagination leads to dreams and dreams make life worth living. Dreams can Come True…This I know.

N ― Never give up!! Easy to say, hard to do.

The biggest enemy we will ever have we encounter every time we look in a mirror . . . For the complete version of Alvin’s Laws of Life visit

I could not locate the clip I saw on the ION channel to share with you but below is a link to his clip on youtube.

Put your business and personal challenges back into perspective. Before you indulge in your own pity-party think of Alvin’s Laws, “Born without Arms.”

May Peace & Harmony be at the core of your business and life solutions!

Alvin’s Law inspires with his feet and words

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